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  • Your Success Partner

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Team Up

Right People with Right Process will always deliver Right Products. Focus of continuous improving these 3Ps – the critical elements of successful business – leads to achieving the goal that organizations desire. The Purpose holds them together.

The Right People are always integral part of an organization. You cannot run business without “People” as they keep the ball rolling. The difference between “People” and Right People is – Right People make you profitable. The team of Right People forms a High Performing Team – a team that meets commitments and focuses on the goals aligned to organizational goals. They feel part of organizational success by generating better ideas and more revenue. They communicate seamlessly. Strong leadership and effective systems in place helps identify and resolve the complex issues and build high performance teams.

We believe in the power and long term benefits of Learning Culture and help transform your “People” into a High Performing team of Right People. We work closely with the leaders and teams, to uncover the root causes of low performance by analyzing the people, skills, process, and relationships. We develop a practical, customized program along with the team to remove barriers to high performance.

Outcome – Common Purpose, Shared Accountability, Right mix of Roles and Responsibilities, Enhanced Trust and Collaboration, Situational Leadership, Better Business Results.

Benefits of team development through Learning Culture

Building High Performance Teams requires balance of vision, leadership, honesty, system and accountability. A true high performance culture emerges from Learning Culture. The culture that evolves from continuous and iterative adaption to the situation at hand. Agile Plunge can help you improve team performance through our expertise in leadership and organizational development.

Our services will help you to – Get great results from team leadership, Get the robust team with right mix of skills, Build effective collaboration between cross-functional teams, Sharpen your processes and workflows, Focus on measurable outcome.

Building High Performance Teams

Building High Performance Teams can be an overwhelming task and often unsuccessful without the right intention, framework and attitude. We at Agile Plunge, have proven ways to foster learning culture to build High Performing Teams. It starts with providing environment to team members where they can identify their competencies, opportunities for focus and team dynamics. We evaluate the teams based on factors that contribute to effective, high performing teams.

“Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the
ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.”
– Patrick Lencioni

Competency Mapping and SWOT Workshop

Competency Mapping and SWOT workshop is a way assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a individuals and teams. It is mainly about identifying individual’s job skills and strengths in areas like leadership, teamwork and decision-making. This workshop also assesses areas like emotional intelligence and behavior style. The outcome of this workshop can be used to understand how to best use individuals or how to form a diverse team by combining the strengths of different individuals to build high performing teams.

Experiential Learning Workshop

Every member in the organization has some “blind spots” in their own abilities. These are the opportunities to adjust their behaviors, improve their performance and get better results. The challenge for individuals is to identify these opportunities to act upon. The Experiential Learning Workshop we provide helps uncover these “blind spots”.

Experiential Learning is a journey, a process – that provides experience naturally, in right context, in right conditions and support. We believe that experiential learning is truly the most effective way to facilitate learning as it guides and supports the learner on their journey of self-discovery. The learner experiences it, sees the opportunity and identify potential action items to change their behaviors, enhance their performance and create different results. Experiential learning helps in nurturing collaborative and learning culture in your organization, engaging your people, improving performance and driving business impact.

Training and Certification

One of the important characteristics of an organization with Learning Culture is an environment where the team members are continuously and collectively seek improvements through new skills, new knowledge and new ways to achieve the organizational goals. Trainings and certifications lay path forward for individuals on their Learning Journey. In the process of transforming “People” to “Right People” trainings and certification are critical elements to move employees move from one stage to other during the Learning Journey. A high performing team is a good mix of people having different competencies at different levels. During Learning Journey, these team members go through four stages :

Training and Certification helps team members to reach to the 3rd level where start performing with consciousness to their competencies. Depending on the stage on Learning Journey and maturity members can choose the trainings we offer:

  • Foundation Workshops (Agile Basics, SCRUM, XP, Kanban etc.)
  • Preparation Workshops (PMI-ACP, Certified Scrum Master)
  • SAFe Certifications for Leaders, Executives, Managers and Teams
  • Soft skills and communication
  • Competency Mapping

Coaching to build Evangelists

During the Learning Journey, once all the team members reach the 4th stage of Unconscious Competence, the team starts performing. At this time they need support to keep up the pace. They need help to reach their full potential. We believe this is best accomplished by someone within the team who is with the team always. These individuals are the leaders who are striving for the continuous improvements and high performance of the team. We provide one to one coaching to these handpicked individuals from your organization to transform them in to an “Evangelists”. The coaching may also including collaborating with other leaders to make the workspace a high performance environment – one that helps everyone to perform at their best. Typically this engagement starts with finding out people’s “Current State” – their own development plan, ambitions. Then, it moves on to explore and identify the actions required for the transformation in to an Evangelists.

Coaching to build Self-Organized Teams

People is critical driver for achieving success and people form teams who build products. Delivery team is the curtail link in the entire value chain of product development. It does not really matter if it is a functional team or project team or a delivery team, people active their goal when they work together effectively and efficiently. When this “team work” is missing, you will start observing hostility, conflicts, confusion within your team. These symptoms can pull the performance and productivity of an organization down injecting waste at various levels (e.g. too much of technical debt). You will have to “push” them toward the goal, “manage” their work, “command and control” their tasks.

A self-organized team on other hand, is a group of self-motivated individuals, who work together toward a common goal, have the ability and authority to take decisions and readily adapt to changes. They will use pull system to ensure sense of ownership. They collaborate to meet the commitment. They create Learning Culture around them by continuously enhancing their skills. They invest their time in innovation and improvements.

With our well evaluated coaching process, we can help you transform your teams in high performing self-organized teams. We engage ourselves with the team on daily basis to:

  • Inspect and Adapt
  • Help them get “clear directions” from the business to make right decisions
  • Teach them the importance of “visual management” buy introducing information radiators alike story board or Kanban task board
  • Foster culture to take ownership

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